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I am very happy the season is changing! Who doesn’t love the cold and crisp air in the fall?! Perfect for cozy sweaters!

Yesterday I was rocking my velvet ysl bag (from last year) and white Gucci Peyton shoes.  This bag is obviously sold out however, the new style for this year is gorgeous! A deeper tone of red in a bigger size than mine. Ugh I want it for myself too! You’ll find the links below.


Find the shoes HERE and HERE.

Find the newest YSL velvet bag HERE and HERE.

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YSL Raffia Bag

I have been receiving some questions about this beautiful YSL raffia bag and I think it is time to answer them!


This style is available in two different sizes, small and medium, and in two different colors, natural and black.

I own the medium size and I love it even though I think it looks big on me. There was really not a big difference in price between this and the small one, so decided to get the bigger one. Go big or go home, right?!


I have had the bag for almost three months and have been wearing it constantly as the color makes it so easy to match most outfits.

One of my concerns, echoed by some of my followers on Instagram, was that the bag would lose its shape after wearing it for a while. Well, let me tell you, the bag has held its shape perfectly! I usually store mine in its protective bag, stuffed with the paper it originally had inside when I got it. Luckily, I do not have any complains yet…

Another concern that came up was if the bag would easily get dirty, but that also has not been an issue for me! I really do not baby this bag around, like I do with some of my Gucci, and it has not shown any signs of dirt and most importantly no rips. The bag, in my opinion, is really well made with really good quality material.

So what do you think of the raffia bag, would you buy it?

If you said yes, unfortunately, the natural is sold out everywhere online right now. Up until two days ago, there was a small one available but that seems to be gone now too. But keep your eyes open, if you are lucky maybe you can still find it in a store or just go harass your favorite SA and hope for the best! 🙂

It is still available in black, however, so if you want it, you better act fast!

The small is now only available in black here.

There are other raffia bags in different styles also from Saint Laurent here.

And last, if you do not feel like splurging on a raffia bag, there are more affordable options here, here and here.

Good luck!

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Kimono/ Robe Trend

Is this trend making us realize that Hugh Hefner has always had it right?

As a fashion lover I am always on the lookout for the latest trends and the “have to have it” items to add a little pop to my usual tee and denim outfits.
You can imagine my reaction when I started seeing bloggers wearing kimono/robes all over the media. I NEEDED one despite the fact that I am a 5”4 short gal, and was not sure they would even look good on me.

I started stalking every website trying to find the ONE and thankfully found it at Zara (duh!). By the way, am I the only one who compulsively checks their page looking at their “New In” section every day? Seriously, Zara never disappoints! They have come out with quite a variety of long and short kimono/robes in the most beautiful prints. Is it obvious that I am still not sure what to call them?! For the sake of this post, I will call them… well… kimono/robes 🙂

The one I am wearing here is perfect for me because it is a little shorter than the other designs they are selling, and the 3/4 sleeves make it look not so big on me.

I won’t lie; I really wanted the longer ones to fit me, especially this bright green with the floral print. Sadly even the smallest size looked huge on me, despite the fact that the S/M fit just right in the style I kept. I know… Zara’s sizing is very inconsistent, which really sucks!!! But I still love them.


Regardless, I am loving this trend and will probably end up getting another kimono/robe in the very near future.
So what do you think about this kimono/robe? Would you buy it?

For other styles with beautiful embroidery and prints check here, here, here, here, and more affordable here, here, here, here , here.

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