Outfit Pink Deets

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful Fall weather! Here in Los Angeles is still hot so one of the ways I add Fall touches to my outfits is by wearing cute boots! Velvet boots in this case!

Look below for the links to these Gianvito Rossi boots, jeans and similar Gucci bag, since the one I have is no longer available ☹.
20171008_211651.pngGucci Dionysus HERE


Gianvito Rossi HERE

Aquazzura HERE

20171008_211719.pngCurrent Elliot HERE

J Brand HERE

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Outfit details

I am very happy the season is changing! Who doesn’t love the cold and crisp air in the fall?! Perfect for cozy sweaters!

Yesterday I was rocking my velvet ysl bag (from last year) and white Gucci Peyton shoes.  This bag is obviously sold out however, the new style for this year is gorgeous! A deeper tone of red in a bigger size than mine. Ugh I want it for myself too! You’ll find the links below.


Find the shoes HERE and HERE.

Find the newest YSL velvet bag HERE and HERE.

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Gucci – Merino Wool Princetown

Are these furry Princetown the new Miu Mius?!


I gotta tell you, I could not help but think about Big Foot when I first saw these shoes! However, that’s not to say I would never wear them!

The furry shoe trend has been going strong for a while, and the pearly Miu Mius are definitely proof of that. I have been drooling over those, but now came these merino wool Gucci Princetown that definitely caught my eye! 😍

When it comes to Gucci shoes, you know my favorite are the Princetown because I love their cool and unique designs, but did Lallo go too far with these? That I will let you decide on your own…

In my opinion, these slippers look cute and fit the trend. So far I have not seen a lot of people wearing them, but for the exceptional and always daring Alyson Cafiero. Tell me, don’t they look so cool?! I swear she is my spirit animal!!!


Nonetheless, the one little detail that makes me hesitate when I think about purchasing them is that they are pricey and the price per wear would not really match up. That is, until I see them in person, fall in love with them, and want to wear them every day! Haha

But what do YOU think? Would you buy them? 😉

You can find the yellow and pink ones HERE

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Outfit Details

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing the links to the two items that make this cute, simple, outfit stand out.

The white Chloe Susanna boots and the always gorgeous Gucci Marmont bag. 

Even though I have had these boots for a while, I was surprised to see that there are still lots of sizes available in this color! Know your size before purchasing, I have always found their sizing to be a bit off. I usually wear my regular size.

Here are the links:

Gucci Marmont Bag  and  Chloe Susanna Boots
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Get the Look: Lace-up Mules

As a new blogger, I now often find myself thinking about topics to write about for my blog. And even though I am willing to try new ideas, I mostly enjoy giving insight into the items in my closet that I love and hope my readers do too. So today is no exception!

A few months ago I purchased these lace-up mules from Sam Edelman. I was excited to get them right before summer started because I knew this trend was going to be big, just like last year… Flat, mid heel, high heel… there were mules everywhere! This year these Sam Edelman mules, however, had the lace-up feature, which make them different from last year’s mules and much more special in my eyes. They are comfortable and fit true to size.

Click on the numbers below to be redirected to where the shoes are still available, they are selling fast and even more now because most of them are on sale! Happy Independence Day Weekend!!


1,     2,     3,     4,     5,     6,    7,     8.

In this look I paired my mules with a beautiful floral top from Zara, which, sadly, is sold out on the US site, but maybe you can still find it in store (reference number is 2858/196).

LogoLicious_20170702_194925But do not despair! I am giving you some cute options to check out as well, just click on the numbers below.


       1,      2,      3,     4,      5,      6,      7,      8,      9.

Here are some other cute options for denim cutoffs. I believe these are a necessity during the scorching hot days of summer.

20170703_091301       1,      2,      3,     4,       5,      6.

And last but not least… a cute purse to complete the whole look and, you know me, it has to be Gucci. I love this Gucci Disco bag because it is very roomy and much more affordable than any other Gucci bag. Here are the links to the colors available at the moment.


1,     2,     3,      4,      5.

So what do you think about this whole look? Would you buy it? 😉

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Gucci Marmont Bags

There’s no doubt that Gucci bags are hot and we are all dying to get our hands on them. However, there is a puzzling question that always comes up when we finally decide on a color, and that is…”What size should I get?!”

It is really difficult to come up with an answer when there are so many options to choose from. There is a maxi, medium, small, mini and now a super mini! Looking through all the #guccimatmont pictures on Instagram does not really help either because all the bags look amazing! The reality is that it may take you a day or two to decide if you are as indecisive as me! :p

Let me begin by saying that Marmont bags are one of my favorite styles and here are the reasons why:

  • I like the flap and GG logo on the front
  • I prefer the leather ones because they seem to be very durable and require less “care”. I’m not saying that the velvet or satin ones are not durable, but those materials require a lot more TLC, which in my opinion can be really annoying!
  • You can wear them as shoulder bags or crossbody, depending on your preference. The super mini has a chain shoulder strap that can be removed so it can also be worn as a clutch!
  • And BIG NEWS, despite their size, they are all very spacious, with the exception of the super mini, which I find tiny (6.5″W x 4″H x 1.5″D).

It should be no brainer, pick whatever size you feel more comfortable wearing. I tend to buy smaller bags nowadays, for no specific reason at all, I just love them!

I own the Marmont bag in sizes small (10.25″W X 6″H X 2.75″D) and mini (8.5″W x 5″H x 2.5″D), but if you ask me, the mini is my favorite! ❤

Here wearing the mini Marmont in teal velvet and pink leather.

Both small and mini sizes can hold about the same amount of stuff. In my small Marmont I can usually fit a longer wallet, keys, sunglasses case, phone, charger and lip balm and maybe a small snack. 😛 To be able to fit all those items in the mini I would have to leave the sunglasses case and use a smaller wallet instead. Everything else would be the same. In my opinion, both the mini and small Marmont look very similar in size!

However, I you want the Marmont to be your everyday bag, I definitely recommend getting the medium size (12.25″W X 7.5″H X 2.75″D) so you do not have to worry about selecting what to bring in it.

Here wearing the small Marmont in light blue leather, black/ pearls, and fuchsia velvet.

So far I have no complaints about my Marmont leather bags. My only issue, when it comes to the velvet ones, is that you have to be very careful about how you store them so the chain does not leave any marks on the velvet. I do baby my velvet bags around and gives me anxiety just to think that they will someday get stained. My first velvet bag was the fuchsia and ended up selling it because I could not deal with the stress of taking care of it. Sadly, I have regretted it ever since! It has been a while since that and now I am willing to bear with that stress because the velvet bags are so pretty and the new designs are just to die for!!!

So Gucci lovers what do you love about the Marmont bag?

And those of you who have not made up your mind about getting one, would you buy it? 😉

Click on the numbers below to find your perfect Gucci Marmont!


1,     2,     3,     4,     5,     6,      7,     8,      9.

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