I love the vintage vibe that Gucci is giving us this season. The Ophidia bag comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges. There is one for every taste and personality!

After much debating, I ended up purchasing the small rectangular Ophidia and I am extremely happy with my choice. The bag is sturdy, spacious despite its size and not too heavy. It may feel a bit heavy when you carry it in your hand but not on the shoulder.


It is a timeless piece that you will be happy to own 20 years from now.



Below you can see my favorite picks and links to where you can find them.



1. Ophidia “Dome”

2. Small rectangular

3. Medium rectangular

4. Mini GG Supreme

5. Medium GG Supreme

6. Ophidia Pouch




I recently saw some Ophidia bags available at Fashionphile. Advise!! Be quick when buying from them because their bags sell really fast!!!

Let me know if you end up adding an Ophidia bag to your collection!!

Thanks for reading!


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