Off the Shoulder Shirt

If you are a Zara lover like me, you already know that the skirt and shirt I am wearing are completely sold out! But… do not despair… keep reading! 🙂


I had ordered this top when it first became available, but it fit a bit too tight so I, sadly, had to return it. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was to find a larger size in the sale section during my trip to Jersey. It was the only one and I just had to have it! (Continue to check the sale section, you may be in luck!).

Certainly my decision did not make everybody happy, I had a couple of girls watching me like a hawk to see if I decided to leave the top, so I am pretty sure they were a bit disappointed I did not.

If you also missed out on this very coveted top, I found some other ones that, I know they are not the same, but still fit the trend. And the sixth option, the green and white top with ruffles, is my absolute favorite!


1,       2,       3,       4,       5,       6.

Bonus! 1. Denim skirtsLogoLicious_20170709_000858

1,       2,       3,       4,       5,       6.

Bonus! 2. White Mules


1,      2,      3,      4,      5,      6.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping! ❤


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