Culotte Pants

Culottes, you either love them or hate them!

I personally love wearing these types of pants because they are so comfortable that you may think you are still wearing your PJ’s!  I love them in every length, especially the ones that hit above the ankle. Those, in my opinion, are universally flattering on everybody, even on short girls like me! Although, I do think that I need to style these longer pants with a heel or platform so the look is not too sloppy. Otherwise the shorter versions look great with flats as well.

In this occasion, I am wearing a pair that is that baggy, so it almost looks like a skirt. Even though I like wearing more fitted styles, there is just something about these baggy culottes that I, surprisingly, love so much! I am not sure if it is the softness of the fabric, the fun print, or just the very casual and hippie vibe they give me, but I feel liberated when I wear them.


Culotte pants can be worn throughout the whole year! If you are new to this style, buying a pair in a solid color or denim would be a good idea. During the spring and summer they can be styled with flat shoes, heels, and sandals, while later on you can transition into the cold weather by adding knee high boots or booties. They are really so versatile!

So, what do you think about culotte pants? Would you buy them? 😛

Follow the links to some of my favorite culottes available…Screenshot_20170717-181447

1,       2,      3,      4,      5,      6,      7,      8,      9,      10,      11,     12.

Thanks for reading! ❤



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