Gucci – Merino Wool Princetown

Are these furry Princetown the new Miu Mius?!


I gotta tell you, I could not help but think about Big Foot when I first saw these shoes! However, that’s not to say I would never wear them!

The furry shoe trend has been going strong for a while, and the pearly Miu Mius are definitely proof of that. I have been drooling over those, but now came these merino wool Gucci Princetown that definitely caught my eye! 😍

When it comes to Gucci shoes, you know my favorite are the Princetown because I love their cool and unique designs, but did Lallo go too far with these? That I will let you decide on your own…

In my opinion, these slippers look cute and fit the trend. So far I have not seen a lot of people wearing them, but for the exceptional and always daring Alyson Cafiero. Tell me, don’t they look so cool?! I swear she is my spirit animal!!!


Nonetheless, the one little detail that makes me hesitate when I think about purchasing them is that they are pricey and the price per wear would not really match up. That is, until I see them in person, fall in love with them, and want to wear them every day! Haha

But what do YOU think? Would you buy them? 😉

You can find the yellow and pink ones HERE

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Outfit Details

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing the links to the two items that make this cute, simple, outfit stand out.

The white Chloe Susanna boots and the always gorgeous Gucci Marmont bag. 

Even though I have had these boots for a while, I was surprised to see that there are still lots of sizes available in this color! Know your size before purchasing, I have always found their sizing to be a bit off. I usually wear my regular size.

Here are the links:

Gucci Marmont Bag  and  Chloe Susanna Boots
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Get the Look – Gucci Details

Today I decided to pair my Zara pearly skirt with some of my favorite Gucci items.

The Gucci logo tee and the gold Princetown. 

When buying a Gucci tee I recommend you sizing down. I really wish I had done that because I think mine looks too oversized, but I still love it! 😊 And like I have mentioned in previous posts, when it comes to the Princetown slippers, size up! 

Buy the look here 👇20170719_102446Gold Princetown      &         Gucci Tee

Happy hump day friends! 

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Get the Look


I do not usually drink coffee but when hubby dragged me to the coffee shop, I had no choice but to go! Although, secretly, I always want to go to have some of their yummy specials, like the cookies and cream frozen coffee I had. It was like 500 calories but who cares?! Haha               Anyways it was a pretty relaxing day, so I wore a very casual outfit, but always giving the look a “je ne sais quoi” by wearing some of my favorite accessories so the whole look is not so “basic”. 😛 This time I had to switch my usual distressed pair of jeans to a pair of distressed denim shorts because…well,  it was  a beautiful hot sunny day. Paired the shorts with a cute grey muscle tee (grey is always one of my go to colors for tops), a fedora hat, my newest glittery Princetown slippers, and last but not least one of my favorite Gucci bags (mini Marmont).


What do you think of the look, would you buy it?! 😉

You can recreate it by clicking on the numbers below!



1,          2,           3,            4,            5

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Off the Shoulder Shirt

If you are a Zara lover like me, you already know that the skirt and shirt I am wearing are completely sold out! But… do not despair… keep reading! 🙂


I had ordered this top when it first became available, but it fit a bit too tight so I, sadly, had to return it. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was to find a larger size in the sale section during my trip to Jersey. It was the only one and I just had to have it! (Continue to check the sale section, you may be in luck!).

Certainly my decision did not make everybody happy, I had a couple of girls watching me like a hawk to see if I decided to leave the top, so I am pretty sure they were a bit disappointed I did not.

If you also missed out on this very coveted top, I found some other ones that, I know they are not the same, but still fit the trend. And the sixth option, the green and white top with ruffles, is my absolute favorite!


1,       2,       3,       4,       5,       6.

Bonus! 1. Denim skirtsLogoLicious_20170709_000858

1,       2,       3,       4,       5,       6.

Bonus! 2. White Mules


1,      2,      3,      4,      5,      6.

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Get the Look: Cute Summer Dresses

You know I am a denim kind of girl, I could live in jeans and white tees everyday, but as the weather gets hotter I do like wearing dresses once in a while. I mean, it is hot and I have to shave anyway, so why not put on a cute dress in a fun shape and print like this one from Zara.

I love this wrap dress because the fabric is very light and the shape is very flattering. This is a type of dress that makes every woman look great because it accentuates all the right spots.  It gives you a nice looking cleavage, a smaller waist, and hides anything else you do not want to show from below the belly!


Unfortunately, I do not see this Zara dress available in the US site anymore but it may still be available in stores. Therefore, I am sharing with you some other cute options I found!

Get the Look: Click on the numbers below the images.

Summer Dresses


1,      2,      3,      4,      5,      6,      7,      8,      9.

Yellow Mules


1,      2,      3,      4,      5,      6.

Ray Ban Sunglasses – Round Aviators


So what do you think of this whole look? Would you buy it? 😉

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Get the Look: Lace-up Mules

As a new blogger, I now often find myself thinking about topics to write about for my blog. And even though I am willing to try new ideas, I mostly enjoy giving insight into the items in my closet that I love and hope my readers do too. So today is no exception!

A few months ago I purchased these lace-up mules from Sam Edelman. I was excited to get them right before summer started because I knew this trend was going to be big, just like last year… Flat, mid heel, high heel… there were mules everywhere! This year these Sam Edelman mules, however, had the lace-up feature, which make them different from last year’s mules and much more special in my eyes. They are comfortable and fit true to size.

Click on the numbers below to be redirected to where the shoes are still available, they are selling fast and even more now because most of them are on sale! Happy Independence Day Weekend!!


1,     2,     3,     4,     5,     6,    7,     8.

In this look I paired my mules with a beautiful floral top from Zara, which, sadly, is sold out on the US site, but maybe you can still find it in store (reference number is 2858/196).

LogoLicious_20170702_194925But do not despair! I am giving you some cute options to check out as well, just click on the numbers below.


       1,      2,      3,     4,      5,      6,      7,      8,      9.

Here are some other cute options for denim cutoffs. I believe these are a necessity during the scorching hot days of summer.

20170703_091301       1,      2,      3,     4,       5,      6.

And last but not least… a cute purse to complete the whole look and, you know me, it has to be Gucci. I love this Gucci Disco bag because it is very roomy and much more affordable than any other Gucci bag. Here are the links to the colors available at the moment.


1,     2,     3,      4,      5.

So what do you think about this whole look? Would you buy it? 😉

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